How to Find Best Casino Bonuses

The average consumer is blasted form offers concerning best casino bonuses. But we will help you differentiate between good and bad deals and find a perfect type of bonus for you. We will also inform you on the types of bonuses – so you are free to make a choice for yourself. Strap in and take notes.


First of all, we should define the term ‘casino bonus’. It is a stimulus presented to gamers on behalf of the casino in order to invite more and more consumers. It is just common sense  and good business – every casino knows that it must keep up with current demands.

Second, let’s discuss what type of bonus is best suited for you. Every bonus has its merits and flaws and you know best what you want. Do you want a bonus that requires no funds from you? Or maybe you wish to be rewarded for your efforts of choosing a particular casino?

hatever your choice is, you should be aware that there are different types of casino bonuses waiting for you. Some of them are:

  • No deposit casino bonus
  • Sign up bonus, and
  • No cashable bonus.

Here’s a short explanation: a no deposit casino bonus means that you don’t need to invest any of your own money to play a few games in the casino. That’s the good news. The bad news is that you can only cash out so much of your winnings – there is a limit.

Sign up bonuses give you credit for opening a gambling account in the casino. The casino believes that you could become a steady customer and would like to invest in that prospect.

The we have the no cashable bonus. Care to guess what that means? It is in the name – you can’t cash that money out. But on the plus side, you can use it to win some money that you can actually take home with you.

Now, let’s talk about casinos with best bonuses. What you need is a real casino, first and foremost. Don’t invest in a casino that opened up a second ago and has no payout record of any sorts. be sure to check for the reviews and the certificate to make sure that the casino is the real deal and not a rogue casino.

Next, we turn to bonuses again. If it sounds too good, it probably is. Stick with bonuses that have a more realistic feel to them. Jumping on the ads that promise a four digit bonus with no money down is not the wisest choice you can make.

Don’t be afraid to start out small, but remember that large casinos can offer more bonuses and a greater variety of games. they are also very unlikely to deny legitimate winnings.

Hopefully this guide will help you on your quest of finding a perfect casino bonus. Make sure to read the fine print, don’t give out your personal information easily and have fun with the evergrowing world of gambling.

Things to look out for in casino bonuses

When you first join a casino website you have a pick of different sites to choose from. Every casino wants your business and so there are lots of tempting bonuses out there, to entice you to join one site rather than another.

Some bonuses can seem to offer you far more than the others, but it’s always worth reading the small print – the terms and conditions – that come with the bonuses. There are certain restrictions on all of them. None of the terms and conditions are too difficult to comply with, but it’s helpful to know where you stand before you start putting money down.

Some things to look out for include:

Game restrictions

On some sites, you’ll be restricted as to which games you can play your bonus out on. Many specify that you have to play it through on the pokies, for example, and will exclude games such as roulette or poker from the bonus playthrough. Others are more flexible when it comes to which games you can play with your bonus credit. Check out the latest casino bonuses at 32 Red for example, here you can get a great welcome bonus of £32 for every £20 you deposit when you first join. So if you put down an initial deposit of £60, you can claim a £96 bonus. Not bad for a golden hello! The bonus chips that you get can be used to play on any of the 450 casino games on both the Instant Play casino and the download casino versions of 32 Red. This differs from the bonus at Jackpot Party casino – where you can only play through the bonus on the pokies.

Wagering requirements

All online casino bonuses have wagering requirements attached to them. Nothing in life is completely free, and this applies to bonuses too! Wagering requirements are usually expressed as a certain multiple of the bonus value, and it’s usually 20 – 30 times the amount. What this actually means is that you can’t withdraw the bonus cash until you’ve wagered it a certain number of times. So if a wagering requirement is 20, you need to wager 20 x the bonus from your own funds before you can cash it out. The reason that casinos apply wagering requirements is to prevent new players from just playing with the bonus and then going elsewhere to play. It’s fair enough – the casinos aren’t just going to give away free money without some commitment from the players; they are hoping to get players to remain loyal to the site and play there in the future.

Time limits

Many casino bonuses come with time limits attached to them. Sometimes this applies to how soon you have to play through the bonus credits, or if you have to make a cash deposit within a certain time in order to validate your bonus. It can also apply to when you can make a withdrawal on the bonus funds. Some casinos limit the withdrawals to a certain day per week or month and there is often a time limit on when a withdrawal cheque can be cashed before it is declared null and void. The time limits attached to casino bonuses are there to protect the casino and the players, so it’s just something to be aware of, rather than be worried about.

Did you hear about the best online pokies at

We’re always happy to bring you the finest pokie games in Australia and let you enjoy a safe, fun and exciting experience with your favorite game. This is why, when bumping into this soft games brand, we couldn’t wait to tell you all about it, in case you haven’t heard about it yourselves already. is an international soft games brand, operating mostly in Europe. They started working in the Australian market a couple of years ago and since then have become very popular among online players. The definition of soft games basically lies between casino and casual games. It’s not as serious as casino games but you can play and win real money with it, unlike casual games.

What made it so popular in Australia was their great selection of pokies. They have exclusive themes like Captain America, The bold and the beautiful, fruity friends and many more. But other than that, they also have some unique features which you can’t find at any other pokie site and which also contributed to their popularity.

First of all, their winning odds are 1 out of 3. That goes without saying you’re more likely to play at a site with such winning odds. Second, they have a unique gaming system which allows you to play through your web or mobile browser. This way, you don’t need to download software into your computer and you can play from anywhere easily. Third, they have a special type of pokies which are combined with their other specialty – scratchies. This type of game takes the best of both worlds and puts them together in a neat package of pure fun.

So, for their great selection of exclusive themes, their unique type of hybrid pokies, their winning odds and their availability, we strongly recommend playing pokies at

Blackjack: The Red Seven Count

red-seven-countUnibet mobile casino review: The basic principle behind card counting is for the player to gain an understanding of the types of cards that have passed through the game and have been discarded. If the player can keep an accurate count of how many high, and low cards, have passed through the game there is a higher probability of determining what percentage of high and low cards remain in the deck.

This concept of tracking the high and low cards is important because of the theory of Basic Blackjack Strategy. When the deck has a lot of high cards it benefits the player whereas a high proportion of low cards benefits the dealer.

But how exactly do you transfer this understanding into something tangible? How do you create a count?

If you are using the Red Seven Count then the aces and tens are assigned a count of (-1), and the low cards of 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 are assigned a count of (+1). This leaves the sevens, eights and nines. The eights and nines are provided with a count of (0) but the sevens are dealt with a little differently. The red sevens are given a count of (+1) and the black sevens a count of (0).

So that is an example of a card counting system. So what next?

You have to practice, practice and practice. You start by being accurate and then continue to increase your speed. Start with one deck and then add another and so forth. You cannot expect to return a profit over the long term without being able to count cards. The Red Seven Count is as good a starting point as there is.

A complete Insight on Online bingo rooms

Online Bingo

Internet has helped us in many ways; not only it has brought the whole world to our home, but also has taken us to the whole world. Nowadays no one is bored even when he or she is left alone. The World Wide Web never fails to give us company. Not only you can listen to songs or watch movies, you can also play interactive games. Be it golf, tennis or poker, Internet has options for all. Particularly, gambling which previously needed a casino to be into in order to indulge is also available online. Online bingo rooms are now all over the internet to give the users a taste of the pure thrill and ecstasy of gambling. With the discovery of online casino as a highly lucrative business, newer and newer sites are being opened each day. This though has put the earlier existing sites in affix, has improved the scenario for the consumers. They can now reap rich benefits that arise from the marketing strategies of the gambling sites to attract more customers.

One such online gambling site is Vampire Bingo. The parent company Cozy Games Management Ltd takes great care so that customers can enjoy blood thirsty wins, as the name suggests. Here, vampire bingo review shall reveal the extent to which they are successful. Isle of Man Gaming commission licenses this site and monitors it to ensure that customers are reaping real financial benefits in an environment that keeps the customer’s interests safe. The software is flash based. Therefore there is no need to download anything and one can access it from anywhere and anytime. The main thing that attracts the customers to this site is the variety of games, clubbed with security and straight forwardness. The three types of bingo provided here, the 75, 80 and 90 ball bingo is enough to satisfy the needs of all types of players. The prices of the tickets needed to play the games also vary and there is one option to suit every budget. The site also gives ample attention to promotions in order to attract more potential customers, providing free initial trial offers for all new customers and else.

5 hand mode blackjacks bring a Different Levels of Excitement in Online Casino

Blackjack 5 hand-mode

Gambling, one of the most favorite past times of man ever since has only one hindrance and that is being physically present in the casino. Modern technology has made the online game scenario much more exciting than ever. The graphics and sound effects are improved enough to bring on the actual thrill of gambling that would eradicate differences between the actual gambling room and a virtual one. Just like real world casinos, online gambling sites have an array of games at their disposal. Be it card game, board game or slot games. A connoisseur can select from jackpot, roulette, poker or 5 hand mode blackjacks. When it comes to thrills, there is virtually no limit where the virtual world can take you.

Online gambling sites are a highly lucrative business. So much so, that the market is overflowing with competitors. With each passing year, the competition in the online gambling has increased.  Everyone wants a piece of the cake. To enlist the maximum number of subscribers is the target of the entire site. So in order to attract more and more clients, sites are providing exciting offers as bait. Every year, especially during the festive season, thousands, rather millions of dollars are in the air, up for grabs by customers. These are even increasing each year due to the rivalry among sites.

However these prizes are generally available upon depositing a certain amount. In order to reap physical financial benefits, one has to deposit a dime or two. But there are certain people, who, contrary to general, are interested in the fun part rather than making money. Online sites have options for them too. There are many games which have exciting graphical and audio features clubbed with radical gaming techniques, but without any monetary benefits. Also, there are options of no download online casino games for those who are not comfortable with the idea of downloading an unknown application. This solves the problem of being unable to play a particular game since it was downloaded and installed in another terminal. Be it office ir home, modern gambling allows you to play anywhere, anytime.

Video Slots Online Have Brought in New Excitement in Casino Gaming

Video Slots Online

Internet gambling is one of the best ways to spend your spare time. Mankind and gambling have a long history. It’s been man’s favorite passion to indulge into gambling as the pleasures provided by it cannot be matched elsewhere. Modern day gambling is even easier. The advent of internet makes sure that you do not have to undergo the pain or trouble of physically visiting a casino to get the thrill and pleasures of gambling. Board games, card games and poker games are all available online and the latest software ensures that it features all the attractive and lifelike features of a traditional poker room.

However, online gambling being a lucrative business there are numerous who have tried to get their share of the cake by tapping the potential of this industry, resulting in the rise of several, not that honest gambling sites. Therefore it is always advisable for a novice gambler to choose a site considering its reputation. One of the leading online casinos that have made quite a fame and reputation is Slots Jungle Casino. Among several other Video Slots Online, this has been a brilliant one that entertains its clients with the right dose of fun, frolic and ecstasy. The owner, Regal Bar Ltd, works this site with Real Time Gaming software site that has been a pioneer in online gambling industry. This site has proved that it is not time, but performance that secures your foothold in the industry. The green and purple coloring of the site has already won many a heart as this Slots Jungle Review follows.

The Slots Jungle Casino follows the trend of the parent company and never fails to reward their customers. The real life graphics, high level of rewards and last but not the least, the amazing sound effects make sure that the player is having the time of his life while playing in this site. There are an assortment of games, ranging from traditional to ultramodern, enough to satisfy even the most choosy gamer. The wager levels and the amount of skill required are also varied. This way they can serve the requirements of all, ranging from the novice player experiencing his first time to the hardened gambler who has been playing for the last three or more decades.

RTG Free Games have been a Real Blessing for the Casino Lovers

RTG.Free Games

The advent of internet has done many good things to man. One of them is definitely to spend time alone when he does not have the privilege of someone giving him company. Gambling has been people’s favorite past time ever since. There was a time when one went everyday to a casino for the sake of playing games. But now internet has made it possible to do it all from home, when it is not possible for one to indulge in going to a casino physically. The introduction of RTG Free Games or real time free games is the best thing that has happened to online gambling, since its inception.

RTG casinos offer a variety of games that range from the traditional to ultra modern. They include several types of card games along with the ever popular table games. However the icing of the cake is always the assortment of several types of online video poker games. The excitement depends a lot on the capability of the software used. The slot games with multi player options have special features that increase the fun quotient manifold. An enticing array of free spins, special themed bonus rounds multipliers with more than 50 slot games in their collection are truly attractive. There are also random jackpots that are “dream come true” for any online gambler. Their variety of features make them truly irresistible for any passionate gamer. With the trend of a random jackpot to do an accidental role over that gets winnings worth many a thousand dollars it is definitely a huge attraction for any player, be it rookie or expert.

Now people are craving for more. These highly lucrative offers have also failed to generate the required amount of attention. In that case, to quench the customers’ endless thirsts, online casinos now offer several types of bonuses clubbed with different features. Latest casino bonuses have unbelievable offers that often prove to be winners. But the casino owners are not satisfied even at this. So each day more offers are being endorsed keeping different customer sects in mind. However, from the rising rivalry between the different casinos, the only party that wins is definitely the customers.

Go for the Big Bingo Wins Free of Charge

free-bingoIf you like playing online Bingo and you also like the possibility, at least, of winning a truly life-changing amount of money, then it’s worth searching across the web for the biggest progressive jackpots you can find.

What’s more; some of the biggest and the best sites you find also have generous welcome bonuses for new members as well as additional money bonuses of you successfully recommend a friend who also goes on to use the site.

What this means in practice is that you can have a fair few tries at landing one of these huge cumulative Bingo jackpots without parting with too much of your own cash. If you enjoy the games anyway, then fair enough – stay and play more as the amounts care often trivial and you can usually play for free in demo mode. But if you’re really in it for the big cash prizes – or at least the potential to land a life-changing amount – then move on to the next Bingo site.

One of the best examples out there – and one which is admirably clear about its running progressive jackpots at any given time – is also one the UK’s most popular Bingo sites, Jackpotjoy.

Jackpotjoy really has been taking the UK market by storm in recent years and it’s not difficult to see why with many of its cumulative jackpots running into amounts that are mind-boggling. Have a glance at the site’s home page and you can quickly and easily see the running totals on the right hand side of the screen – with the corresponding amounts you’ll need to play for (which are quite literally a few pennies).

The Jackpotjoy site also offers a £20 welcome bonus for all new members depositing £10 or more as well as the same amount again of you successfully refer a friend – so you really can have a good few plays chasing the mega amounts on offer free of charge.

What to Look for in an Australian Online Casino

Over the past 5 years we’ve seen the incredible proliferation of online casino sites claiming o be ‘Australian’. Why is this the case? Are they truly Australian as they claim to be? Finally, when you want to have fun in an Australian online casino with a chance to win a dollar or two, what is it that you should be looking for?

When it Comes to Gambling, Australia is BIG

Australian online gambling

Australian online casinosPopulation-wise, Australia is a relatively small country. It has about 22 million inhabitants, spread over a geographically vast area of over 7.6 million square kilometers (3 million square miles). However, when it comes to gambling, Australians spend more per capita than any other country in the world. This is not surprising – after all, Australians are known to be risk-takers, and even have a national holiday to allow them to bet on horses (Victoria Cup Day).

How much exactly do they spend? Professor Alex Blaszczynski from the University of Sydney estimates that Australians spend as much as 1 billion dollars per year on online gambling alone. To put this into perspective, Craig James, the chief economist at CommSec, reports that until recently the spending on gambling was greater than the gas, electricity, and water bills put together!

Online Gambling Remains Officially Prohibited in Australia

The Australian government has ben dragging its feet when it comes to online gambling. Let me make this perfectly clear: no Australian companies have been granted the permission to operate online gambling venues. Officially, online gambling is not allowed in this country – but there has been no cases ever of any Australian gamblers being fined or even cautioned.

For Australians, Gambling can be Risky

Due to the fact that Australians gamble in online casinos that are based overseas, often in countries with little or inadequate regulation, means that there are risks involved. The cases of freud have been reported, and sometimes withdrawing your winnings from small, cash-starved operators can be next to impossible.

The Australian laws governing the online gambling are now over 10 years old, outdated and badly in need of a reform. This reform is not likely to take place any time soon. Any potential changes to the existing legislation are being successfully blocked by the opposition leader Tony Abbott on behalf of Australian Liberal Party, and Nick Xenophon, the independent senator. In the quote reported by ABC News: “If you are gambling on your smart phone, if you are gambling on your computer, you are absolutely on your own, and it’s when you’re on your own that you’re most likely to get into trouble,” ALP leader Tony Abbott said.  

"Australians spend as much as 1 billion dollars per year on online gambling alone"


Oh, well, that’s nothing new under the sun… when was the last time a politician brought joy into your home?

For Australians, Gambling can be Great

On the positive side, thanks to their gambling habits, Australians can expect great bonuses and preferential treatment in many online casinos. You do not have to be on your own:

  1. By reading third-party reviews from a reputable site and signing up through an affiliate link, you make sure to have someone in your corner in case of a dispute, and
  2. By only gambling at well-established and certified places and avoiding start-ups, you know that your money is safe, with quick and easy deposits and withdrawals.

Here are the 5 key factors to look for when deciding on a place to play:

  • Local Support
    Great player support includes being able to get support via dialing a local number in Australia, as well as 24/7 email and online live support.
  • Fast and Flawless Way to Deposit and Withdraw Funds
    This truly is a must. When you hit the jackpot, the last thing you want to do is jump through hoops in order to get the money you’ve won.
  • Support for AU$
    Being able to make a deposit in AU$ means that you avoid currency-conversion fees. On the other hand, when AU$ is strong against other currencies, there is a lot to be gained by playing in top online establishments, regardless of whether they accept AU$ or not.
  • Welcome Bonus
    It is important to take advantage of a big welcome bonus. A generous bonus often doubles your gambling fund.
  • Loyalty Bonuses
    Some casinos forget about you once you sign up, and put all of their efforts into chasing new players. Our advice: forget about them! Make sure that there is a nice loyalty bonus in place, with the free spins, points you can convert into cash or chips, and surprise rewards.

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