Tiger Treasures Pokies

The history of the jungle says that the Legend of the lost jungle contains lots of untold riches in the thousand year old kingdom. These untold riches are guarded by the mysterious jungle cat and the Bengal tiger in the secreted away deep jungle bushed.

One should go venture deep into the lost jungle in search of the elusive Tiger Treasures. On the way one could encounter giant pandas, collect precious rubies, seek of out a great fortune and so as the Bengal tiger too. If you are able to catch a tiger on your reels, you could pile up free spins and take a shot at the big game.

The jungle awaits you!

Tiger Treasures is a marvelous pokies game which transports you to a hidden jungle full of the precious treasures of an ancient empire.

Fantastic Tiger Treasures await you to explore the thicket! Are you ready to gather invaluable gemstones, face giant pandas, and confront the legendary warden of these magnificent riches, the Great Bengal Tiger? Stock up on free spins and even get a chance at the big game, a progressive jackpot trove, by capturing the majestic feline.

Don’t waver – embark on a mystical jungle adventure now!

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